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Anti Wrinkle Treatment: What Are The Right Options For You?


Anti Wrinkle Treatments have become quite common today. there is a major misconception that anti-wrinkle treatments are only for those who are old or becoming older. Wrinkles can occur due to any number of reasons, and you can get the right treatment for them. The days when it was judged are long behind us. You have the right to look and feel comfortable in your skin and if anti-wrinkle treatments are what you want then go for it! But before you do, read this article to find out the right type of treatment for you. We have compiled some of the common causes behind wrinkles as well as the areas they occur and some of the most common anti-wrinkle treatments that you can choose from.

The Problem Areas

Wrinkles can occur in general around the face, neck and hands but this can differ depending on what is the reason behind wrinkles. Let us take a small look at the key areas where wrinkles can occur.

  • Eyes – The area around the eyes begins to wrinkle first and foremost. The wrinkles that occur on the outer corner of the eyes are often called the ‘crow’s feet. This is a common problem among many young people.
  • Lips – The corners of the lips can wrinkle due to various reasons. This is common and is known as marionette lines or laugh lines.
  • Nose – wrinkles occurring on the bridge of the nose and the sides of the nose are known as frown lines and bunny lines respectively.
  • Forehead – This is one of the common wrinkles among people of all ages. These are simply known as forehead lines.

Other than these areas, general wrinkles can appear on the cheeks, upper lips and neck. These wrinkles can occur as a part of the normal ageing process, or due to varying other causes. Let us take a moment to explore them.

Common Causes Behind Wrinkles

While there are a variety of factors that cause wrinkles, listed below are some of the major factors behind them and the areas they can affect:

To Begin With, Ageing:

This is one of the most natural causes of ageing. As we age, our cell regeneration slows down and our skin is also able to retain less moisture. This results in wrinkling and dry skin. Where on your face or body the wrinkles occur, or at what age they start appearing on you can depend on your genetics as well as your diet and lifestyle.

Habits And Expressions:

This is common for all people and can begin to appear when you are in your 20s. These are facial lines that become enhanced due to habits and certain expressions such as frowning, smiling or raising eyebrows. The common result of these are crow’s feet (corners of the eyes), frown lines( between the brows and on the forehead) and laugh line on the corners of your lips.

Exposure To Sun:

While you cannot stay hidden away in your home and everyone needs a dose of Vitamin D now and then, due diligence needs to be practised. Exposure to the sun without using appropriate sunscreen, or long exposure for the sake of tanning and exposure to the sun during the hours when ultraviolet radiations are high can cause premature wrinkling of your skin, damage to the skin, fine lines as well as pigmentation.


Lifestyle and habits such as smoking, consuming alcohol, an imbalanced diet and lack of exercise can lead to the early onset of wrinkles and fine lines. A healthy diet, regular exercise, proper hydration and avoiding food and drinks that can cause dehydration such as alcohol can delay the occurrence of wrinkles.

Anti Wrinkle Treatment Options For You

Anti Wrinkle Treatment can be categorised into two types – Surgical and non-surgical treatments. There are various types of treatments available in both categories. We recommend you to research both as well as check the pros and cons of both types to find the best treatment suited to you. To help you in this pursuit, we have briefly described the more common procedures for you to take a look at.

Facelift For Wrinkle Removal

This is a surgical process for removing wrinkles. A facelift is often used to describe various types of surgical treatments for reducing wrinkles. It can mean the removal of excess skin that causes sagging or excess skin pulled back and sewn.
This is more so a treatment for sagging and excess skin caused by ageing. It is not effective for removing the fine lines on the face. Complete recovery from this surgical process can take a month or two. The stitches and bandages can be removed by the end of one or two weeks depending on how quickly you recover.
It is very important to have regular follow-ups with the doctor to assess the healing process and to make sure that recovery is going well. The doctor may recommend several self-care practices to aid the recovery process and following this can only help quicken the recovery process.
This anti-wrinkle treatment can last you close to a decade with due care. Recovery may take a couple of months, so make sure to preplan your events and surgery so that there is no risk in recovery.

Anti-Wrinkle Injections

Treatment Injections for wrinkles are a great way to clear and smoothen fine lines. It is more beneficial as it allows you to tackle precise spots with problems. Moreover, when you use Anti Wrinkle injections, you can also target areas with fine lines on your face that you may not be able to fix with facelift surgery.
Injections to remove facial wrinkles and fine lines come in two types – botox and fillers. Botox injection is a chemical that is injected into the skin which in turn makes it contract the muscles essentially removing any wrinkles.
Dermal fillers that are injected into our skin are made of hyaluronic acid – which is present on all our skin. When we age, the production of these reduces on our skin. It can be injected on areas with wrinkles and fine lines as well as to contour the face, plump up your lips and more. The recovery time for this is no more than a week and the results will last you longer than botox.

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