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Dermal Fillers (Facial)

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Dermal fillers are an effective way to plump up dehydrated skin (area that you wish to target for treatment), clear the lines on the face and add a natural contour to the face. Dermal Fillers can help improve any face that looks deflated due to ageing, lifestyle or anything else. We are here to help you achieve the look that you desire. Our Dermal Fillers Treatment can help you remove the fine lines, wrinkles, face lifting and so much more. It can help to create a face that looks well-contoured naturally. As life catches up to us it is natural for the eyes to sink due to muscle loss and dehydration but with dermal fillers, you can lift and clear the under eyes as well as have the entire facelifted.

Dermal Fillers Lips

Our lips and our other features are genetically determined but that does not mean you have to be stuck with them. You can have your lips plumped using dermal fillers and have the desired look you want. Dermal fillers are also used to uplift the cheeks, under eyes dark circles, remove the fine lines from the chin, around the lips. At Kiara’s Aesthetic clinic can enhance the natural contour of your face to your preference.
Moreover, all of those acne scars can be removed using Microneedling post assessment. It is time to live life on your terms and we can help you achieve the look you want naturally

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